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U-Kiss's 1st album will be realeased in early February with the new hit single "Without You" as well as the 3rd debut single off the album, "Bingeul Bingeul"! "Man Man Ha Ni" was a great song and we can surely look to U-Kiss for many more!

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hyuna Pictures, Images and Photos

HyunAh's new single has been the center of controversy because of her risque hip pops but the 4Minute star seemed to put that all behind her last night on KBS's Music Bank. Her performance was amazing. Despite that the stage wasnt equipped with water sprinklers, its was perfect! Even Beast's Jun Hyung made a short little entrance for his rap.

Great job, HyunAh!

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sunmi Pictures, Images and Photos

“We did not expect Sunmi to withdraw from the group and all of our commitments stated that the Wonder Girls are a 5 member group. Furthermore, the parties that we had commitments with all showed disapproval to a 4 member Wonder Girls. We had discussions with the 4 members, who all agreed to Hae Lim joining, which is why the decision was made.”

“Although there is an issue with the Wonder Girls becoming a 4 member group after Sunmi’s decision to leave, later on, if Sunmi wishes to return as a member of the Wonder Girls, there are no issues with the group gaining an additional member. If Sunmi wishes to return later on, we will respect her decision as well as the other members’ decisions and follow.”

:D YAY! I'm a little confused though. Will the return of SunMi at a later date mean that HaeLim is only temporary? What will happen to the temp or are we to look forward to a 6-member WonderGirl?
Either way, SunMi's coming home to roost!

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Dae Guk Nam Ah (대국남아), is a new Korean boy band that has just hit the Korean scene. XING Entertainment's Hyunmin (현민), Jay, Garam (가람), Injun (인준) and Mika (미카) are the 5 favored members. We look forward to hearing a single from these boys soon! :]


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Lee Hyori's 4th album will be released in late February, early March. Hyori's comeback debut single is actually composed by a rookie! Lee delayed the release of her album to make sure that its absolutely perfect. Hyori's recent trip to NYC was pick up new concepts for her videos and her album art. For this album, Hyori has even taken up the role of producing her album this time around.

Lee Hyori Pictures, Images and Photos

We look forward to Lee Hyori's new album and will bring you the mp3 ASAP!
Will her debut single be bigger than "U-Go-Girl"? Only time will tell!

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Buono!'s 10th single was released today and I can tell its going to be a hit. The track has a Genki-Rock tune just like their previous hit, "Bravo Bravo". The outfits look absoulutly amazing and Miyabi is wearing extentions.... I think she should grow her hair out again. Sorry that there isnt that much to write about it, but maybe I will do a personal review on the group one day =) <3 Matt

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Lotte Duty Free will be hosting the 2010 8th Family Concert! Special appearances by 2PM SNSD 2NE1 and BIGBANG will be a real treat for the concert go'ers. Last years event was attended by Super Junior, Rain and BIGBANG! The concert will be March 6th in the Seoul Gymnasium!

Unfortunately, you cannot BUY tickets. The only way to get tickets is below:

For customers purchasing over $300 of cosmetics and perfume in the Lotte Internet Duty free store you’ll be entered into a random drawing where we’ll select random winners and invite you to the concert.

Period : 1/27/10- 2/20

To whom : For customers who purchase over $300 of cosmetics and perfume in Lotte Internet Duty free store

Election date (winners selection) : 2/23/10

Prize Pool : 500 Family concert tickets ( 2 tickets for 1 person)

*Seats will be designated in sections R, S, and A and selected randomly.

*Performances may change by unforeseen circumstances.

This concert is bound to be absolutely AMAZING! Start making your purchases on Lotte Duty Free internet store RIGHT NOW! :D
Lotte Internet Duty Free Store

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SNSD Pictures, Images and Photos

SNSD's video "Oh!" gained 900,000 views in the FIRST DAY! The girls are back with a vengeance. Much to the fan's pleasure, SNSD created a video response to many of the questions that fans had about the new look!

Jessica starts off the video by thanking everyone for watching. Tiffany talks a little about the new style and says that it can be categorized as retro-pop. Taeyeon states that it’s their current trend to go with the Electronic Pop Sound. Finally, the girls teach the viewers a few of the dance moves from their cute new single! :]

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2AM's JoKwon [star or We Got Married ft. Ga-In] was on Radio Star yesterday and was asked to dance to "Change". AMAZING. amazing. AHHHMAZING. This was so epic that I burst out laughing, spitting out my water.

We LOVE you, JoKwon!

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HyunA Pictures, Images and Photos

Wish you looked like 4minute's sexy HyunAh? Well, the Korean beauty revealed her fitness secrets on Sang Sang Plus. HyunAh used to be a bit on the heavier side, she reveals, until she was compared to comedian Shin Jung Hwan! Our girl took such offense to this, that she decided to drop 40 pounds!

Shin jung hwan - Miss Shin Pictures, Images and Photos
Shin Jung Hwan

HyunAh achieved her goal by cutting out any food that contained FLOUR! No pizza. No Bread...Nothing. No noodles. Thats crazy o_o; Using dancing as her excerise, HyunAh now has that trademark sexy body that she is known for. :]

Now you have HyunAh's secret weapon! I, for one, am going to try this diet out. o_o I'll let you all know hows its going, segwaying into a new section, HyunAh's Diet - Francais. I'll be listing everything I eat for the day and seeing how long I can adhere to this thing. =_= Aiyaa! I'll make Matt try it. =]

Support HyunAh [solo and alongside 4minute!] Buy their special edition album [dvd + cd] off of!

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Animated Cotton Candy Pictures, Images and Photos

DaeSung's single "Cotton Candy" is doing very well. DaeDae is already topping charts! However, YG Entertainment is worried so they've come up with a clever little ploy to take place at "The Big Show 2010"

“Daesung’s new single, Cotton Candy, is a different style of music from Big Bang. We were a little bit worried that it won’t receive much interest.” They then continued, “Starting from the first day of the concert (January 29th), we want the audience to enjoy this giveaway sent from our hearts. We hope that you all enjoy the cotton candy!”

Good job YG and we look forward to that free cotton candy...err, and DaeSung's single too! =]

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MBLAQ Pictures, Images and Photos

MBlaq accompanied Bi Rain at his fanmeeting in Japan which made us a little suspicious. Is MBlaq going to debut in the land of the rising sun? They even performed they hit single "Oh Yeah" at Rain's Osaka concert.

J.Tune Entertainment stated that they are currently discussing contracts with other companies and are looking forward to the debut.

MBlaq is on hiatus and working underground on their new single, to be released soon! =]

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Wow. Thats all I can really say. O_o Make up really works wonders. Holy crap. =_=

Really? There isn't much to say. Ill let you all formulate your own theories.

2ne1 Pictures, Images and Photos

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SNSD's second album titled "Oh!" has finally hit the shelves! We don't have download links yet but we hope that these music videos off of YouTube will give you your fix. =] And let's see how KARA competes!

1) Oh!

2)Show! Show! Show!

3)뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)

4) 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)

5) 웃자 (Be Happy)

6) 화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls) -feat.key (SHINee)

7) Talk To ME

8. 별별별 (☆★☆)
9. 무조건 해피엔딩 (Stick Wit U)
10. 좋은 일만 생각하기 (Day by Day)

11) Gee

12) 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)

This is the full album with the exception of the 3 songs that have yet to be released. =]

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As some of you know, my obsession is Seungri, Seungri.......Oh god Seungri where do I start?!
Ok so for most of you that do not know of the delectable, awesome, and sexy Korean idol Seungri, he is part of one of the most popular boybands taking Korea and Japan by storm, BigBang. Before this sexy hunk of man meat was in BigBang, he was on a danceteam in his hometown of GwangJu. He is well known for his dancing skills there and even choreographed some of BigBang's dance routines.
Before signing with YG Entertainment, Seungri was training with Shinwa, another pop group, that later let him go because he "LACKED VOLCAL ABILITIES?!" (IF I COULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER!) So....he signed with YG and entered BigBang (SUCK ON THAT SHINWHA! NOW YOU HAVE YOUR FINGERS UP YOUR ASSES CAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!) Where was I?
Seungri is currently 19 Years old (omg same as me?!) And was born in 1990( SAME AS ME) December 12th (ME: November 19th) That makes me......HIS OPPA!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! Seungri:OPPA.....What would you like me to do? Me: You do what oppa says NOW MAKE LOVE TO ME!!!!!!

AHEM.....So yes Im seungri's oppa. =D

I was introduced to Seungri by a friend. I was watching his video "Strong Baby". Before that I was a HUGE Hello! Project fan ( google it) And really only listened to Japanese music, but when i saw this video....that all changed. I first looked and saw G-dragon and thought..."Wow, hes really cute!" then it was love at first sight with Seungri

My jaw dropped. My heart dropped. My pants dropped. Hell by the time the video was done, my whole body felt like a Ramen noodle and I wanted to make out with my friends computer screen.....

The obsession got so bad I received a T-shirt of him shirtless this not kidding.. Don't believe me?


ME! HI!!


The shirt


Me with my shirt


Sorry I get in the mood.......
Well Until next time <3 Matt

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T.O..P Pictures, Images and Photos

My obsession by far is TOP [Choi Seung Hyun 최승현]! =D TOP aka Tempo is the 2nd rapper of BIGBANG.SeungHyun was born on November 4, 1987 in Korea. He attened Seoul Art College and majored in music. Under YG Entertainment, TOP has flourished. He is 180 cm and 65kg. SeungHyun is a type B bloodtype and his hobbies are reading and swimming.<3 Ahh! Before joining Big Bang, he performed in clubs and even won KBS Radio's "Rap Battle" in 2003!

choi seung hyun singing Pictures, Images and Photos

TOP is currently starring in Korean drama "Iris" and is going to star alongside fellow BIGBANG mate, SeungRi.

TOP's rapping skills have not only earned him a respectable spot in BIGBANG but guest appearances in several other music videos and songs. Uhm Jung Wah paired up with TOP for her Korean hit "D.I.S.C.O" as well as Red Roc in their video "Hello".

TOP's first solo album "The Truth" dropped on 2.03.09. His first two singles "Big Boy" and "Like Nothing Happened" were large sucesses.

TOP is adorable : ] His bad boy image doesnt even phase me and I can just tell he's a softy. He actually used to be really chubby in his school days. xD I can't imagine him like this but my friends this its really cute. ^^;

T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) when cute Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways, TOP is my obsession and will always be. =] I look forward to watching his solo videos off the "Electric Love Tour!".

Saranghee OPPA! <3

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Dashing Diva is simply divine. I first heard of Dashing Diva when I learned that several Asian celebrities went there to get their dainty hands painted so when my cousin suggested we go to get manicures there in Downtown Brooklyn, I was giddy with excitement.

When I walked INTO the salon, my jaw dropped. The place was beautiful. A sparkling chandelier hung in the corner of the room and the manicure tables were equipped with adorable pink glass bowls and cushy arm pillows. The nail dryer was carefully arranged with over a years worth of the most popular magazines in the city.

After telling the man at the front desk that I would be getting my nails done, I turned to select my color. *shock*

Unbeknownst to me, Dashing Diva offers over 150 shades in their collection. I searched the spinning rack for colors that caught my eye. Immediately, a hot pink grabbed my attention. I then saw the black. Dashing Diva has the most beautiful black ever. It goes on so well and its pitch black with an amazing luster. I know matte nails are supposed to be in, but this one was too gorgeous.

Now, the actual salon experience was mindblowing. My nail stylist, Jean, was a sweetheart. A short little Asian woman with a cute little smile. :D I wasnt even ready for this kind of manicure. She massaged my hands and then scrubbed them with this amazing exfoliating scrub. My hands felt like they were made of clouds. Jean was so gentle but firm. Gosh I cant even describe how great it was.

Colors: Headliner[Pink] and Limo Service[Black]

Dashing Diva's franchise is huge in Japan. They have locations in Omotesando, Shidome, and Shibuya. DD also recently opened in Shanghai. :D I feel so special to have participated in something that the A-Listers have as well.

Not only was the day I got the manicure amazing, BUT its friggin LASTS! Im a bit of a tomboy and my manicure normally dont even last ONE day. Once I get out of the shower, its pretty much wrecked. This morning, I took a 56 minute shower. Nothing. No chips. No cracks. This stuff must be made of Teflon. :]

I love Dashing Diva and encourage you to try it out!

Dashing Diva HomePage


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f(x) and Epik High travelled to Cannes, France to represent K-Pop at MIDEM2010. MIDEM is a four day world music festival held in France annually. The countries that are normally represented are South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Taiwan, Japan, and now Korea. f(x) and Epik High were chosen to represent Korean Pop music. K-Pop Night was held on Tuesday January 26th at the Martinez Hotel’s Acajou Hall.

2009 was breakthrough year for Korean and this performance at MIDEM will hopefully give K-Pop more exposure than before! ^^

f(x) lachata Pictures, Images and Photos

epik high Pictures, Images and Photos

Congrats to the two groups and we hope to hear more from them :] Ive included two links to the MIDEM performances. Enjoy!

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No! The heartthrob isnt really gay but will be taking on the role of a "homosexual man", Jun Jin Ho in the MBC drama "Personal Taste." His character is a perfectionist who decides to act as a homosexual to become the roommate of his crush (played by none other than the lovely Son Ye Jin), who only befriends homosexual boys.

lee minho Pictures, Images and Photos

"Personal Taste" airs on MBC in April of this year. Looking forward to it? You arent the only one! :D

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I watched "You're Beautiful" about two weeks ago and the drama is still fresh in my mind. I heard about it from Matt. He goes "Hey! I have a drama you should watch." We watched the first episode together and then I went watch it like crack for the next four days. I was seriously up until 4am only to wake UP at 6am and start watching again. The end of every episode leaves me literally levitating off the couch and just itching to see the next one.

"You're Beautiful" is a romantic comedy drama staring Jang Geun Suk as Tae Kyung, Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nyu/Nam, UEE as Yoo HeYi [of AfterSchool], Lee HongKi as Jeremy [of F.T.Island] and Jung Yong Hwa as ShinWoo[of C.N. Blue]. The drama is about Go Mi Nyu, a nun in training who gets swept in the "world of stars" when he twin brother is selected to be the 4th member of Korean sensational pop group, A.N.Jell. There is only one problem. Go Mi Nam is in America in a hospital because his plastic surgery went wrong. The manager of A.N.Jell immediately recruits Go Mi Nyu to a boy. She lives among the band as a male and one by one the members start to fall for her [they all start figuring out shes a girl] ! DRAMMAAAAA~~ >.<

Where there is a pretty girl and 3 boys, you know there will be heartbreak and lots of it. "You're Beautiful" is already ranked as Korea's best drama this year with "Boys Over Flowers" trailing behind along with "Iris", a serious drama about a battle between North and South Korean starring BIGBANG member, TOP [Choi Seung Hyun].

Not only is the drama amazing but the soundtrack is heartmelting. Because the drama is about a pop band, it left alot of room for ballads and happy poppy songs. Among my favorites are "Still" by Lee HongKi, "My Heart's Cursing" by Kim Dong Wook and "Without Saying" by Park Shin Hye.

This drama gets a 6/5. Like AMAZING!!! And it helps that boys are amazingly hot. I went on OPPA-RAGE for about a week over GeunSuk. >.< I definetely reccomend this drama to anyone who likes romantic stories as well as laughing about ridiculous scenarios [such as a pop star being chased through a field by a wild boar].

"You're Beautiful" is a SUPERB drama and you should watch. :]

Link to Watch "You're Beautiful":

I've included a cute little video with some of the dramas funniest moments :] Thanks to lovexpunch!

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Two of the most popular girl groups in Korea will be facing off in their comeback debuts.

SNSD and KARA will both be dropping albums in the next coming days. SNSD's second album "Oh!" is scheduled to drop at some point today [ American Time; the 28th Korean] while KARA's mini album will be dropped on the last day of February.

SNSD and KARA have long been rivals for the affections of their fans as they share a fanbase. Good luck to both groups! :]

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After the release of "Oh!" full version yesterday, most fans were wondering about the ending of the video in which the girl's alter egos appear all clad in sexy black. We just KNEW it was a teaser for their next video and boy were we right! SM Entertainment confirmed that SNSD's next video would be a testament to SNSD's sexier new look. After the debut of "Tell Me Your Wish", SNSD added a plethora of new fans to their rankings. The girls more sultry look attracted many who couldnt stand the sugary sweetness of the liking of "Gee!".

SNSD's new album drops on the 28th and I'm guessing so will this new video. GaiJin Asia will keep you posted. ;]

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Afterschool, of Pledis Entertainment, has been chosen as Japans " K-Pop Group of the Year" at the Billboard Music Awards Japan. AfterSchool with be present to accept the award as well as perform at the ceremony in Japan on January 31st.


The korean pop group first debuted in January of 2009 with their hit "Ah!". Their fame quickly took a turn for the worse, however, after their second single "Bad Guy" was banned from the airways for vulgarity. The original five members, Park Ga Hee, Kim Jung Ah, Lee Joo Yeon, Yoo So Young and Bekha, were given a new member to cope with. Uee. Equipped with their new member, AfterSchool made a comeback with their third single, DIVA. Not too long after the arrival of the new member was the departure of So Young, who left for medical reasons. PE then added two NEW members, Nana and RAINA. AfterSchool made a recent comeback with their slow ballad "Because Of You" with a guest video performance by Bi Rain.

The group had a rough year in 2009 but seem to have started 2010 off on the right foot. Great job girls and congratz! :)

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A friend and fellow reader of GaiJinAsia sent me a song by Lil Sokz about a month ago and its still frequently played on my iTunes so I decided to share this well hidden secret with you! =] Lil Sokz was born in Tokyo, Japan. His parents are both Japanese and was brought up with an Japanese/American background. He mostly raps in English with a few Japanese references. His biggest hit on YouTube was "Kiss Me Through The Phone (Asian Version)". It may sound ridiculous, but this boy has some sick rhymes. Lil Sokz draws his influences from asian artists such as Traphick and D-Prdye. He released his debut mixtape "Fragile" online and continues to build his fanbase through YouTube and Myspace. Lil Sokz often performs with his best friends T-Mina and Nishi though there are solo songs on his mixtape. : ]

I've posted a link to Lil Sokz's mixtape download, YouTube and a video of "Stuck On You", his newest song out.

Mp3 Download:
I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do. :] Show the kid some support!

Note: The song takes a little while to get started because the guys joke around a little bit at the beginning. =] Hey! They're just teenagers!

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Oh no! What were they thinking?

At the 51st Japan Record awards, BIGBANG members G-Dragon and TOP seemed to get it all wrong. G-Dragon's rounded bangs and dark eyeliner made him look like a backup dancer for 2ne1 while TOP shaggy do, simply didnt do him justice.

Despite their fashion faults, BIGBANG managed to snag the Best New Artist award. They triumphed over Maya Sakura, SCANDAL and Hilchryme.

Good job, boys.'d better sit down with your stylist and have a heart to heart.

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Hyori Lee Pictures, Images and Photos

Lee Hyo Ri was in Brooklyn, New York for a Cosmopolitan photo shoot this week! [Thats awesome! We live in Brooklyn!! ^^] The Korean decent beauty queen, Lee, is best known for her fairly recent hit "U-Go-Girl!". Hyori was chosen as the face of Addidas' 2010 Originals campaign and ironically she modeled Addidas clothing for Cosmo. We look forward to seeing you in Cosmo Korea, Hyori!

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So I have a huge thing so people of Asian decent. I find Asian features to be very beautiful and find that the guys tend to be ...BEAUTIFUL. Now. I was watching f(x)'s video for "laCHAta" and at the corner of my eye, I saw Amber. Oh my god. Amber looks a like a guy. But a really hot guy. Like. I have a crush on her. This is nothing new because I'm bi-sexual. But. HOLY CRAP! Through out the whole video, I couldnt take my eyes off her. I'm going frantic here, trying to confirm whether she is gay or not.

I was doing some hunting for media with her in it and I managed to find this adorable video of Krystal, Sulli and Amber together. It was a little clip they threw together for Christmas. Krystal and Amber are both originally from America so they speak PERFECT english. Enjoy the adorableness of f(x)!

~ 9:29 PM 1 Comments


SNSD's first single of their 2nd album "Oh!", titled "Oh!" was finally released, only 4 short days after the teaser was dropped. The song features the lovely girls of SNSD all clad in kawaii cheerleader uniforms. I was very anxious to hear this song because of the supposed striking resemblance it bears to Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive". The controversy has been BOILING OVER as Kenzie, the writer of "Oh!" is being grilled about his song.

Determine for yourself whether or not there is a resemblance.

Despite any possible allegations against the group and their single, its a very catchy tune. :3 I find the chorus adorable! "Oppa oppa, Ill be, Ill be Down Down Down" is a line that I think I will frequently be using. [Hehee <3] I'll leave you all to form your own opinions on this cutesy little tune.
SNSD's "Oh!"

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C.N.Blue Pictures, Images and Photos

I had recieved negative reviews about CNB before I even gave them a chance. I was reluctant to write the review about them, almost dreading it. But I clicked the YouTube link to "I'm a Loner" and was pleasantly surprised. I LOVE THEM! C.N. Blue, standing for Code Name Blue is under the same record label as popular pop group, F.T. Island. Popular actor, Jung Yong Hwa [Shinwoo in "You're Beautiful"], is the rapper and one of the guitarists of the new Korean group. CN Blue's song "I'm a Loner" is a solemn but hip ballad about..well, being a loner. The catchy guitar slashing and drum samples made me replay the song at least four times while writing this. Despite the quality of the song, I found the video a bit strange. It was the members of C.N. Blue engaging in a gang fight and running around the city aimlessly. I give the video a 3/5 but the song is definetely a 5/5. Its the kinda song you would hear an artist sit in a coffeeshop with a guitar and play. I think an acoustic version of this song would make my heart melt.

Jung Yong Hwa - Vocal and Guitar
Lee Jong Hyun - Guitar and Vocal (Leader)
Kang Min Hyuk - Drums
Kwon Kwang Jin - Bass

C.N. Blue is one of the FEW Korean boy bands that are just that. A Band. With the members all playing the instruments to make their music, they revive the meaning of a true boy band. I really love these guys and I hope you do too!

MP3 Download:

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Im straying a little bit from the traditional GaiJin Asia article and talking a little bit about personal style. When I walk out of my house, I want people to look amd me and say; "Wow. Thats interesting." Or "Holy Shit, that looks cool." I have adhering to any particular style type or things like that. I think Matt feels the same way. I writing this article about developing your OWN personal style, and hopefully I can spice up our readers life a bit. =]


I always wear the same type of jeans. Black skinnies are a staple in my closet. I cant wear anything else. Blue jeans just are so plain and colors seem cliche. I have tons of random graphic tshirts. I find that Yellow Rat Bastard has some of the cutest stuff. =] The store is both affordable and stylish. I ADORE hats. In my collection right now, I have the little slouchy hats, berets, a pinstripe fedora and of course the classic winter hat, the fur eskimo. :D

Make-up regiment wise, Im very unique. I draw alot of my skincare info from the amazing godess, Michelle Phan.She gives great make-up tips and also teaches you super useful methods on how to keep clear skin. Check her out! Before I go to bed, I make sure that I wipe off all my make-up with olive oil. Yes. Thats right I said olive oil. I learned this from Michelle. =] Olive oil is so strong that it pretty much melts all the make up off your face [including waterproof!]. After I cleanse with the olive oil, I just wash with my usual cleaser, Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, rinse with a rice water toner and head to bed. When I wake up in the mornings, I wash my face again to rid it of all the oils that might have been secreted in my sleep. I don't use a foundation, as Im lucky enough to have pretty good skin. I use a kickass liquid waterproof eyeliner by Maybelline and then draw cute little shapes around my eyes. :3

I dust off my skin with Urban Decay's DeSlick powder. If I had to live my life with only one make-up product, it would be this. >.< AMAZING! Its a pressed rice powder that sucks up all the oil on your face. I have really oily skin so its a miracle worker for me! I picked mine up from the Sephora on 34th St in Manhattan for 2 685¥.

Now. On developing your OWN style! Here are some tips!
1) Start your morning with a clean canvas! Look at yourself in the mirror with a washed face and normal clean hair. Really think about how you're feeling and whether or not you want to portray that in your style today.

2) Invest in good make-up. Ironically, if you have good make-up, you look better. More expensive isnt always better! Wet'n'Wild is normally 550¥ and its lasts for a really long time.

3) Dont be afraid to try new hair colors. I've been blonde, brunette, and I've even had pink and orange hair. I found a color that Im happy with [orange brown hybrid] and its improved my appearance immensely. Just because a color is loud or maybe a bit vibrant doesnt mean that it wont work for you!

4) Don't be a poser. Its tacky to stick to one genre when you dont even embody the personality. Just try things out until you find out where you are comfy!

~ 11:52 AM 1 Comments

U-Kiss, the Korean Pop group, made their breakthrough debut with their hit song, "Man Man Ha Ni" and then dropped their album titled "Only One". Their second single off the album is bound to be a success. "Without You" is an upbeat love song about the undying love that you simply cant live with out. The album "Only One" was dropped on January 27th Korea Time.


Their track list goes as follows:
2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Fortunately for U-Kiss, their album was produced by Brave Brothers. The Brave Brothers are known for their own insanely catchy beats. "Invisible" with Son Dam Bi is a catchy dance tune made with the dance queen of the Amoled.

U-Kiss's first hit "Man Man Ha Ni" was a huge success in Korea and hopefully the release of the second single with allow the blossoming K-pop group to rise to stardom. We look forward to a U-Kiss Korean Tour in the future.



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where's my samurai?
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f(x) Debuts Mr. Boogie 7.18.10
4Minute are "Superstar"s 7.18.10
ShiNEE's Shiny NEW Comeback ! 7.18.10
We're BACK! ^^
Hey everybody
Rant time! Korean Fan-bases -Matt
B2ST/BEAST tracks Revealed!
Time for Matt to rant about somthing (album/ Song ...

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